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Banana Splitsville

Banana Splitsville by Catherine Clack
(previously published as Truth or Dairy)

Release Date: May 2000/May 2008
Publishers: HarperCollins Publishers, HarperTeen
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 268


Told in dairy entries, Banana Splitsville recounts the story of Courtney’s senior year. It isn’t off to a great start, her boyfriend Dave, is going off to college and he just dumped her. Angry and jaded Courtney makes a vow to be boyfriend less for the year. She instead focuses on other things like running for Class Vice President and working at the Truth or Dairy. All while pinning for Dave.

It’s obvious that one of Dave’s friends, Grant is interested in more than just being friends with Courtney. Too bad she has that whole vow thing going on, because Grant is really cute!


Banana Splitsville is yet another novel by Catherine Clark. Courtney’s character seemed a little vain to me and I had a hard time feeling empathetic toward her or her situation. Her flaws however became her one redeeming quality. And by the end of the novel she had started to grow on me. While Banana Splitsville had its humorous moments, I thought they were far and few compared to Picture Perfect. Overall, Banana Splitsville was a fun, fast and entertaining read. I would have liked to know more about Courtney’s friends Beth and Jane, hopefully I will in the sequel Rocky Road Trip!

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Banana Splitsville + young adult