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Must've Done Something Good

Must’ve Done Something Good by Cheryl Cory

Release Date: January 2008
Publisher: Thirteen Hundred Media
Age Group: Adult
Pages: 271


Sylvie O’Rourke makes a deal with God on a rocky flight, that if she lives, she will do something good with her life. Months later she still hasn’t figured it out. With the persistent pestering of her sisters she lands a job at St. Matthew’s High School teaching English.

What better way to do something good with your life than to shape the lives of today’s youth. Sylvie finds out that is a lot easier said than done. She is snubbed by a fellow teacher in front of the entire English department and she visits the principal’s office more than her students. She may have had the intention of doing something good with her life, but she might just end up having a better life to live.


Must’ve Done Something Good is Cheryl’s first novel and I have to say that I enjoyed reading it! It was a humorous, light and entertaining read. Pride and Prejudice fans will notice and delight in the similarities apparent in the novel. Cory’s writing style is easy to read and she makes Sylvie a likable and memorable character. However, I didn’t get a strong sense of who the other characters where. I also felt that the dialogue and actions of the students made them seem much younger than the tenth grade status the book suggests. Besides those few complaints, I would recommend Must’ve Done Something Good for readers who want a laugh out loud read with a little bit of romance!

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