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The Eyes of A King

The Eyes of A King by Catherine Banner

Release Date: May 2008
Publisher: Random House Children’s Books
Age Group: Young Adult, ages 12 and up
Pages: 448 pages

Fifteen-year-old Leo North lives in Malonia with his younger brother, Stirling and his grandmother. When Leo was five years old the monarchy was overthrown by the tyrant Lucien and his parents fled Malonia to save their lives.

One night on his way home, Leo finds a mysterious book. The pages of the book are blank. But soon the pages begin to fill, telling the story of two people in England, which is thought to be a fairy tale world. The pages only appear a few at a time, but Leo feels as though he already knows the story. Leo, however, has no idea how much the story will come to play in his own country of Malonia.

The Eyes of A King is a book filled with fantasy, mystery, heartache and love. Catherine Banner realistically depicts the thoughts and emotions of her teenage character, being as she is one herself. Leos’ story seems to consist of one main theme, loss. He is overcome with grief in much of the second half of the book, and is seemed as if empathy will continue to elude him. Banner cleverly intertwines the stories of Malonia and England. And readers will revel in delight as the two stories come together! The Eyes of A King looks to be the beginning of an enchanting trilogy!

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The Eyes of A King + young adult