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Death by Latte

Death by Latte by Linda Gerber

Release Date: September 4, 2008
Publisher: Sleuth Speak, Penguin Group (USA)
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 224
Other titles in the series: Death by Bikini

Now that Aphra knows where to find her mom, it seems inevitable that she would go seek her out. And so she tells her father that she will be visiting a friend in South Carolina, but instead Aphra boards a plane to Seattle.

The reunion, is far from what Aphra expected. No sooner does she finally find her mother, and she informs her to board another plane back to the island. Even though Aphra’s mom stopped working for the CIA it seems that the drama hasn’t stopped. When her mother’s partner, Joe, ends up dead, it only confirms Aphra’s fears. She is in over her head again!

Just when she thinks things can’t get worse, Seth, her Seth, shows up demanding the ring that he had given her. Why does he want to ring so badly and why does Aphra’s mom want her out of the picture?

Full of action, suspense, and mystery, Death by Latte is a thrilling edition to the Death by series! I enjoyed the change of scenery is this novel! And is there any better way to associate Seattle than with a latte!! I enjoyed the authentic relationship dynamic between Aphra and her mother and of course the sentimental moments between Seth and Aphra. The plot twists where a plenty and they kept me guessing throughout the entire novel! Even though I really enjoyed Death by Bikini, I have to say that Death by Latte was a step up! And Death by Denim looks to continue the trend!

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Death by Latte + young adult