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Just Say NO!

I think I’m going to blow... I need one of those little emoticons o_O... there we go!

This is totally generally out of context for me, but I really need to get this off of my chest. But before I begin my rant, let me just say something as to defer the masses of hate mail I’m sure to receive following this post. I like Twilight, I really like it, it’s one of my favorite books to read.. I’ve read the entire series, I’m a fan! Do I think that Twilight is the greatest literary masterpiece of all time, HELL NO. But do I appreciate that it’s sold millions of copies and that it’s shown the world the power of a book, HELL YES. Twilight was the first novel my sister has ever completely read. (Don’t act like you’ve never used spark notes!) So there, I like it.

On to the point. If one more person degrades a book because of it's likeness or it's lack of likeness to Twilight, I think I’m going to... I don’t know fill in the blank; have a massive coronary, suffer from a Twilight induced brain aneurysm, something like that, you get it, right?

Why do I feel I need to point out the fact that just because a book is “paranormal” or “fantasy” doesn’t mean that the author is trying to be Stephenie Meyer. I don’t care about comparisons, those are fine, but don’t say that a novel is a knock off of Twilight.


a.) Stephenie Meyer was not the first person to write about vampires. Have you ever heard of Anne Rice, or if we want to stay with the YA theme here, how about L.J. Smith or Annette Curtis Klause.

b.) Stephenie Meyer was not the first person to write about vampire romance/vampire vegetarians/moving to a new town/falling in love... I could go on here.

c.) Stephenie Meyer was not the first person to write about werewolves! I'll just throw out Annette Curtis Klause here again and that little novel... Blood and Chocolate. And SM doesn’t even have werewolves in her novels! Haven’t you read Breaking Dawn... these aren’t children of the moon!

d.) Stephenie Meyer isn’t even that great of a writer! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know she's like some mutli-million dollar author and all that, but serioulsy, I've read A LOT better.

To add to my overall aggravation and possibly yours, please feel free to head over to Amazon and check out the reviews for Need by Carrie Jones, you would think that the book is about vampire-pixies, from all the Twilight mentions. What in the hell do pixies have to do with Twilight... would someone please point that out to me??? Anyone? I understand that the book is advertised for fans of Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Marr, but hello ,why isn’t everyone comparing Need to Wicked Lovely and bitching about the fact that a pixie is just a knock off of a faerie, at least that would make more sense!

Do I even need to mention the fact that every new vampire novel seems to be degraded as an inadequate version of Twilight. GAH!

A part of me even understands the continued comparisons to Twilight, I mean it’s such a big book, lot of people have read it, it’s almost expected to associate or compare it, but don’t degrade a novel because of it’s likeness to another book. I think that is what’s bothering me the most.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

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