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YA Book Bloggers, Lend Your Voice!

Natasha of Maw Books Blog has been chosen as one of the representatives of the BEA Book Blogger's Panel. Basically they are going to be discussing the book blogging phenomenon and how bloggers can work together with publishers, authors and booksellers. She'd like our input on what we think should be discussed at the panel.

Here's what Jennifer Hart, the panel organizer had to say about book blogs:

Book blogs are the new generators of word of mouth, advocates for publishers’ books and authors out in the world. As the world goes ever more digital (and as review pages and book sections in newspapers dwindle and disappear), you are the new tastemakers, and consumers are looking to you to tell them what books to buy and read. In addition, you’re providing new venues for our authors to present themselves, with Q&As and guest posts, etc. Publishers need to be working with you, as do booksellers, to sell more books and to find out what books people want to read.

If you have a topic that you'd like to see brought up, stop by this post at Maw Book Blog and leave a comment for Natasha.

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YA Book Bloggers, Lend Your Voice! + TIME