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Reviews... the short and long... the ins and outs..

Reviews. They are a big part of my blog, obviously, and yet I have all these questions about them, and I wondering if others do to. If it’s just me, humor me here.

Length. Does a longer review, mean a better review? If you’re a reader here at TSS, you know that I don’t usually write long reviews. It happens sometimes, but most of my reviews are two to three short paragraphs. Is that a bad thing? I usually say everything I want to say in those three short paragraphs. I don’t use a lot of fillers, I just get down to business.

Summaries. I usually get my summaries from the back of the novels or the inside jacket flap. I used to write my own summary, but I hated doing it. Is a summary even part of the review? I’m sure you’re interested in what the book is about, but do you really want to know every detail of the book... isn’t that what you’ll be doing when you read the book?

Ratings. I like ratings. Grades, stars, cupcakes whatever. I like to look at a rating for a generalized idea. But maybe I’m alone in that.

Fangirl/boy reviews. We’ve all done them. I mean, I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve seen plenty and yes I’m guilty too. Are fangirly/boy reviews a turn-off. What’s wrong with being a little overenthusiastic every once in a while? Nothing... I think.

Reading reviews. I do not read other book reviews for books that I will be reading for review. I don’t look at other people’s GoodReads ratings. I can’t do it. I’m too easily influenced! Seriously though, I do get influenced by other readers, so I try to avoid it at all costs. I know I can’t be the only person that does that... right?

And I should really be writing reviews, instead of this post!

I leave you with the ultimate question: What’s a good review?

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Reviews... the short and long... the ins and outs.. + TIME