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If you answered, YES... you are in the right place! Below you will find a link that will take you to a form that you will need to fill out as a participant.

To find more information about the challenge itself, you can visit the 2011 Debut Author Challenge page.

Please note: Before you fill out the form you will need to make a post on your blog about participating in the challenge. Those forms not filled out correctly (that means with the direct link to your post), will be deleted. (Don't mean to be so blunt, but despite highlighting it in red, and listing to do a post before hand in several places, I'm still having some submitted without it.) Preferably a post with a working list on the titles you are hoping to read (although you do not have to make a list), and a link back here to The Story, so that other readers that want to participate can find out how. You will have to link this post in the form, so please be sure to do it prior to submitting. You are free to post your challenge books read/to read in your sidebar, but I still ask that you make a post declaring your participation in the challenge.It doesn't have to be a post specifically about the challenge, you can work it in a post with other challenges, a weekly update, etc... just as long you mention that you're joining the challenge and link back here!

(If you do not have a blog, then obviously you cannot do a post with a list! But you'll still need to fill out the form.)

The form will take a few minutes to complete as I'm collecting a few bits of information to make the process a little bit easier on myself this year. Please fill the form out in it's entirety.There will be an alphabetical list of the blogs/people participating that I will be adding manually to this post.

Please note that I do not update the blog list daily. You can find the last I updated the list at the top, right under "participants." If you signed up after the date that's posted that why you are not listed yet.

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4 the LUV of SaNiTy
26 Books in 365 Days
365 Days of Reading

Abby Stevens - The Tabby Catt
Abby the Librarian
Absolute Forest of Words
Abundance of Books, An
Actin' Up with Books
Adeline Cappuccino, The
Addicted 2 Novels
Adventures in Bookland
Adventures in Writer Land
Aleksandra's Corner
Alexia's Books and Such
Alison Can Read
All About {n}
Allure of Books, The
Amanda Loves Words
Amanda J.
Amanda's Book & More
Amaterasu Reads
Amber's Teen Reads
Amy S.
An Avid Reader's Musings
Anna Reads
Annie Laurie's Path
Another Book Junkie
Another Book Kritik
Another Day, Another Book, Another Outfit
artie is my muse
Asamum Booktopia
Ashley in Adventureland
Ashley Suzanne
At Home Between the Pages
Authoress, The
Audrey P.
Aussie Book Shack
AwesomeSauce Book Club

Backwards Story, A
Babbling Bookworms, The
Badass Bookie
Baffled Books
Baggins Book Blabber
Beastie Books
Beautiful Madness, A
Because Books Don't Judge
Beguile Thy Sorrow
Bella Vita
Belle of the Book
Bergamot Book Diary
Best Book I Have Not Read
Best of YA
Bethany Robinson
Better Than Broccoli
Between Library Pages
Between Library Shelves
Between the Covers
Between the Pages
Between the Pages and I
Between the Bookshelf
Bewitched Bookworms
Beyond Black 'n' White
Beyond Books
Beyond the Bookshelf
Bibliophile Asylum: A Gentle Madness
Bibliophile Brouhaha
Bibliophilia - Maggie's Bookshelf
Bibliophilic Monologues
Bibliosaurus Text
Bit Bookish- One Girl, Too Many Books, A
Black and White Reader, The
Black Fingernailed Reviews
Blog about Nothing, A
Blog by Shannon, A
Bloggers [Heart] Books
Blkosiner's Book Blog
Blue Castle, The
Bodacious Pen, The
Boglabyrinten's BlogBook Addict
Book and a Cupcake, A
Book Babblings
Book Cellar, The
Book Couture
Book Craze
Book Dork, A
Book Fanatics
Book Fancier, The
Book Fare Delights
Book Galaxy
Book Garden, The
Book Geek, The
Book Geek Central
Book Harvest, The
Book in the Hand, A
Book Infinity
Book Journal
Book Labyrinth
Book Lungs
Book Nerds
Book Noise
Book Nook, The
Book Nymph, The
Book = Obsession
Book Pixie, The
Book Purring
Book Scoop, The
Book Scout, The
Book Swarm, The
Book View from Room 122
Book Worms, The
Bookaholics Anonymous
Bookette, The
Bookish Delights
Bookish Type, The
Bookishly Yours
BookGirlBrandy's Blog
Bookologist, The
Books and other random things
Books & Shtuff
Books and the Universe
Books Are Like People
Books at Midnight
Books Before Bed
Books, Coffee & Anything Crafty
Books Complete Me
Books Devoured
Books for Company
Books For Life
Books Galore and Ranting
Books in the Spotlight
Books, Kids, Animals and More
Books Like Breathing
Books Like Stars
Books Like Water
Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!
Book Nerd, The
Books of Amber
Books Over Boys
Books, Sweets and other Treats
Books to Brighten your Mood
Books: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy
Books Turn Brains
Books Your Kids Will Love
Bookscape Report, The
Bookshelf Lust
Bookshelf Wonders
Bookshelf Sophisticate, The
Bookworm Boulveard
Bookworm Extraordinaire
Bookworking 101
Bookworming in the 21st Century
Bookworming in the 21st Century
Boys on My Bookshelf
Braiden's YA Concoction
Brain Lair, The
Braintasia Books
Brave New Adventure
Breaking the Bookshelf
Bri Meets Books
Bubble Gum Book Reviews
Bucket List, The
Buried in Books
Busy and Full of New Hobbies

Cafe Saturday
Caitlin Darrell: A (Sort-of) Life
Call Me Crazy
Camisado Mind
Caroline by line
Carpe Diem
Casual Reader, A
Caught Between the Pages
Cem's Book Hideout
Challenging the Bookworm
Chapter Chicks
Charlotte's Library
Cheezyfeet Books
Cherry that Pissed Off My Pie, The
Chica Review
Chick Lit Teens
Chick Loves Lit
Children's Literature Network
Christi the Teen Librarian
Cicely Loves Books
Cici's Theories
Cindy's Love of Books
Cinnamon Quill
Clandestine Sanctuary
Clock Monkey, The
Clover Hill Book Reviews
ComaCalm's Book Reviews
Confessions of a Book Addict
Confessions of a Bookaholic
Confessions of a Vi3tBabe
Confessions of the Un-Published
Consumed by Books
Cornucopia of Reviews
Cover Lover
Cover Reviews, The
Cover to Cover
Cover 2 Cover Book Blog
Cozy Bookshelf, The
Cozy Reader, The
Cozy Reader's Corner Reviews, A
Craftiness of a Poetic Mind, The
Creative Conceptualization
Creativity's Corner
Crescive Library, The
Crete Teen
Curiouser and Curiouser
Curling Up by the Fire

Dae lit...
Daily Harrell, The
Dana Does Read
Dana's Bookshelf
Darcy Review, The
Dawn R.
Daydreaming and Dreaming
Dazzling Distraction, A
Dead Book Darling
Deea's Journal
Deb A. Marshall
Debbie's Book Bag
Debbie's World of Books
Deranged Book Lovers, The
DeRaps Reads
Dewey Review, The
DforDarla's Definite Reads
Diamonds and Dynamite
Diary of a Book Addict
Diary of a Bookworm, The
Diva's Bookcase
Dog-Eared & Bookmarked
Dolores S.
Don't Sleep, Read
Down The Rabbit Hole
Dream of Books, A
Dreamz of a YA Writer
Dreaming By Day
Dreaming of Books
Dreaming In Books

Early Nerd Special
Eating YA Books
Ece Red
Eep! Geek!
Electrifying Reviews
Elizabeth Peterson
Elizabeth R.
Elliot Review, The
Ellz Readz
Emilie's Book World
Emily's Reading Room
Empire of Books
Enefea's Secret Room
Entre Libros
Epic Book Nerd
Epic Rat, The
Erika Breathes Books
Escape Through the Pages
Eve's Fan Garden
Every Day is an Adventure
Everything To Do With Books
Extreme Reader Book Reviews
Ezine of A Random Girl

Fangirls View, A
Fantastic Book Review
Far From Reality
F.A.Y.A. Reads
Feeling Fictional
Fickle Fan, The
Fiction Fairy, The
Fiction Folio
Fiction Spark
Fiction State of Mind
Firefly Book Loft, The
Flippin' Fabulous- A Reader's Record
Fluffy Unicorn Bookshelf, The
Fluidity of Time
Fly Away Book Reviews
Following the Light
Foodie Bibliophile in Wanderlust, A
For the Love of YA
For What It's Worth
Forest of the Dead
Forever Young: A YA Lit. Blog
Fragments of Life
Frazzled Book Nommer
Freckle Head
Frenetic Reader
Frenzy of Noise
Friendly Reader

Garden of Books, The
Garota It
Garota que Le
Geek Girl's Book Blog
Geeky Reads Blog
Gemini's Gems, A
Girl About Books
Girl Interrupted... by Books
Girl Loves Books
Girls Without a Bookshelf
Good Addiction, A
Good Books And Good Wine
Good Golly Miss Molly
Guide to Good Books, The

H Jones
Hapa Chick, The
Happy Booker, The
Happy Cafe
Harmony's Radiant Reads
Have An Epiphany
Have Mercy! Killer Reviews
Heart of Dreams, The
Hearts in Motion
He Followed Me Home... Can I Keep Him?
Heart Shaped Box
Hiding Spot, The
Hobbitsies Reviews
Hook Bookers
Hooked to Books
Hope, Love, and Happy Endings
Hungry Readers, The
Hungry Thirsty Roots, The
Hypnotically Entranced

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
I am, therefore I write.
I Came to Read
I Devour Books
I Eat Words
i heart books
I Just Wanna Sit Here And Read!
I Like These Books
I Read to Relax!
I Talk to Inanimate Objects
I Want To Read That
I Work for Books
I Write Better than I Speak
IB Book Blogging
Icey Books
I'd Rather Be Reading
I'm Reading... Good For Me
In Between the Lines
In BetweeN the Pages
In The Forest
In The Good Books
In The Next Room
Ink & Prose
Ink Is Gold
Ink Stained Thoughts
Innocently Dreaming
Inside the Brain of Beverly
Inside the Mind
Instantaneous Words
Into the Morning Reads
Irissel's Inklings
Irresistible Reads
It's All About Books
Ivan Bookworm
Ivy Reads

Jen Musing
Jen Reads (Ya, PNR and other book reviews)
Jenna Likes to Read
Jenni Elyse
Jenny C.
Jess hearts books
Jessie's Place
Jill Scribbles
Joana B.
Joe R.
Joys of Reading, The
Jude H.
Just Another Book Addict
Just Another Book Blog
Just Another Story
Just Bookin' Around
Just One More Chapter
Just Read
Just Your Typical Book Blog
Justified Lunacy

Karen Metcalf
Karissa's Reading Review
Kassandra L.
Kat in Books
Kate Sullivan Blogs
Katelyn's Blog
Katie's Amazing Book Reviews
Katie's Book Blog
Kaylyn's Book Blog
Keep Moving Forward
Kerian's Thoughts
Kid Lit Frenzy
Knižní doupě
Kristine H.
Kylah T.

Labyrinthine Minds
Lady Critic's Library, The
Ladybug Storytime
Lale on Lit
Lara S
Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews
Le Mammouth A Livres
LeeLee Shantay- The Media Queen
Leena's Library
Let The Words Flow
Liberty Falls Down
Librarian Writer, The
Libraries and Young Adults
Library Mosaic
Library Ninja, The
Life Bound By Books, A
Life is Beauty, Beauty is Art, Art if Forever, and Books are Filled With Life
Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Publication
Lisa Loves Literature
Lit Blog, The
Literarily Speaking
Literary Explorations
Literary Wife, The
Little Bit of Everything, A
Little Girl Lost
Little Ramblings
Lively Reader, The
Liz Writes
Lizzie's Lit Log
Locket Stories
Logan E. Turner
Lost Entwife, The
Lost For Words
Lost in a YA Book
Lost in Chick Lit
Lost in Literature
Lost in the Library
Lost in Stories
Loud Words & Sounds
Love Reading X
Loved by Liana
Lovely Getaway, The
Lovely Lil' Book Worm
Lovely Little Book Blog, The
Loves to Read
Loving Books
LovLivLife Reviews
Lucy was Robbed
Lush Budget Production, Tales of a Ravenous Reader, A
lulilut's stack O'books
Lynn's Book Blog

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Magic Bean Review
Magical Books
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Making Stuff Up and Writing It Down
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Maybe I'll Write
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Meine Büchergalaxie
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Midnight Bloom Reads
Midnight Fume
Mimosa Stimulus, The
Misadventures of a Teenage Bookworm
Miss Bookiverse
Miss Caroline's Blog
Miss Page-Turner's City of Books
Miss Remmers' Review
Missing the Muse
Mission to Read
Missy's Reads & Reviews
Mod Podge Bookshelf, The
Monster of Books
Moonlight Book Reviews
Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf
Mortal's Library, The
Mostly Reading YA
Motha Load, The
Mountains of Instead, The
Ms. Martin Teaches Media
Mrs. Boswell's Book Bag
Mrs. Q: Book Addict
Mrs. V's Reviews
Mundie Moms
Musing Review, A
Musings + Teen Librarian
Musings of a YA Reader
Muito Pouco Critica
My 5 Monkeys
My Book Journey
My Bookish Ways
My Bloody Fairy Tale
My Friend Amy
My Little World of Books
My Love Affair with Books
My Precious
My Private Bookshelf
My Reading Room
My Words Ate Me
Myriad of Books, A
Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

Narratively Speaking
Natalie Zaman
Naughty Book Kitties, The
Nay's Bookshelf
Need Tea Reviews
Nerd's Wife, The
Newbie Novelist, The
New, Borrowed, Used
Nicoleslaw00 Book Blog
Night Reader, The
Ninja Librarian
Norwegian Book Girl, The
Not Another Book Blog
Not Your Faery Tale
Novel Society
Novel Thoughts

OCD About Books
Once Upon a Bookcase
Once Upon a Chapter
Once Upon a Quote
Once Upon a Reader
Once Upon a Time...
Once Upon a Twilight
One A Day Y.A. Project, The
One Book At A Time
One Librarian's Book Reviews
One Page at a Time
Only Sexy Books Allowed
Open Book Empty Cup
Oscuro y Seductor Romance
Our Class Library
Overflowing Library, The
Overflowing Shelf
Owl Review A Book

Page Flipper, The
Page Turner 4 U, A
Page Turners Blog
Paper Cut Reviews
Paper Dreams
Paperback Princess, The
Paranormal Indulgence
Paranormal World and Reviews, The
Patchwork Life, The
Perpetual Page-Turner
Patricia's Particularity
Phaedra's Multipurpose Blog
Poetry to Prose
Point Zero Books
Points of Claire-ification
Points West
Por Tras da Estante
Pineapples & Pyjamas
Pisi's Book
Precocious Scribe, The
Presenting Lenore
Princess Bookie
Princess of the Pages
Prue's Book Blog
P.S. I Love Books
Publishing Lane

Quitting My Day Job
Quirky Fate Press

R.A. Sanders
Rabid Reads
Rachel Maire Pratt- Where Love Crosses the Line
Racquel Writes
Rainy Day Reads
Rambling Bookmarks
Ramblings of a Drifting Mind
Ramblings of a (Future) Librarian
Random Chalk Talk
Random Girl
Random thoughts on teen books
Read & Riot
Read After Your Bedtime Book Reviews
Read It, See It
Read Now Sleep Later
Read My Mind
Read This Book
Reader Bee, The
Reader Room, The
Reader with a Voice, A
Readers Adventure, A
Reader's Dialogue
Reader's Heartstring, The
Reader's Ramblings, A
Readers Unite
Readergirl Reviews a Teen Book
Reading After Dark
Reading Against All Odds
Reading And Review
Reading Angel
Reading Before Bed
Reading Cat, The
Reading Challenged
Reading Date, The
Reading Extensively
Reading In Color
Reading Inspires
Reading Lark
Reading Lassie
Reading Nook
Reading Nook, The
Reading of Breathing
Reading Rocks
Reading Roller Coaster
Reading Stands Forever
Reading the Best of the Best
Reading the Day Away
Reading Through Life
Reading Under the Influence
Reading Vacation
Reading with Anaiz
Reading with Martinis
Reading with the Fishes
Reading, Writing and Waiting
Reading Zone, The
Rebecca's Book Blog
Reclusive Bibliophile
Recovering Potter Addict
Red House Books
Re-Shelf, The
Resugo Reads
Rhiana Reads
Rhymes with Nooks
Robyn's Reads
Rogue Librarian's Reading List, A
RogueTribute Reviews
Rowan's Reading Habits
Ruby's Reads
Ryning Books

Saba's Awesome Reviews
Sabine's Blog
Safari Poet
Sarah G.
Savvy Escapades
Scarrlet Reader
Scattered Bookshelf, The
Scribbler to Scribe
Sea Reflections
Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic
Secret Life of a Avid Reader, The
Secret Life of a Bibliophile, The
See Michelle Read
See Scoot Read
Serpentine Library, The
She Known As Jess BlogSpot
Shell's Stories
Shellie B.
Shut Up! I'm Reading.
Silent T's Book Blog
Simply Books
Slowest Bookworm, The
Small Review
Smart Girls Read
Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books
Snowdrop Dreams of Books
Snuggle Up And Read
So Many Books, So Little Time
So Many Books, So Little Time
So Many Books, So Little Time
Someday School Librarian
Someone Like Sam
Sophistikatied Reviews
Spark my Nature
Sparkling Reviews
Special A
Splash of Our Worlds
Squiddy's Selections
Squeaky Books
Squiggles Reviews
Stalking the Bookshelves
Star Shadow
Stark Family, The
Starry Sky Books
Starving for Books
Steph Su Reads
Stephanie's Book Corner
Stiletto Storytime
Stories & Sweeties
Stories of Medusa
Story of a Writer, The
Story Singer, The
Story Snail, The
Super Librarian
Super Reader Girl's Book Reviews
Supernatural Snark
Swords for Fighting

Talibus Orabat
Tammi G.
Tangled Web of Me
Tantalizing Illusions
Tapestry of Words, A
Tattooed Books
Teach 8 YA Book Blog
Tealeaf Review, The
Teen Book Fanatics
Teen Book Fiend
Teens Read and Write
Tell Great Stories
Terri Q.
Terry Lynn Johnson
Tessa's Blurb
Text and Java
That Book Blog
That Bookish Girl
That's Swell
Theatre's Biggest Fan
There's A Book
This Little Life of Mine
This Purple Crayon
Thoughts of a Book Junky, The
Through the Book Vine
Through the Pages
Ticket to Anywhere
Ticket to Wonderland
Tiny Little Reading Room
tomadou no toshokan
To Read or Not To Read
Too Many Words
Triple E: Book Muncher Extraordinare
Truly Bookish
Truth Be Told
Twenty-Something and Still Reading YA
Tynga's Reviews

Una vida de novela
Under The Boardwalk
Uniquely Moi Books
Unputdownable Books
Unread Reader, The
Upon My Shelf
Urban Reading

Vampires and Tofu
Valerie N.
Veggies and Books
Vintage Bookworm
Vision Quest Fail
vuvp916's bookshelf

Waiting On Sunday to Drown
Watch Out, My Books!
Weaver Reading on Stolen Time
Welcome to My World
Well-Read Wife, The
What Miss Kelley Is Reading
What's Your Story?
When She Reads
Where is My Mind
White Puppet, The
Wicked Awesome Books
Wicked Good Books
With a Book
Writers' Chasm
Wondrous Reads
Wooden Bookcase, The
Woodland Library, The
Word for Teens
Word Salad
Words and Whispers
Words Matter
Words on Paper
World of Dreams
Wormhole, The
Writer Musings
Writer on the Side
Writer, Reader, Dreamer
Writers write, right?
Writing From the Tub
Writing Possibilities
Writing Uphill

Xenophobic Bibliophile

YA Addict
YA Audiobook Addict
YA Bibliophile
YA Bliss
YA Book Freak
YA Book Lover Blog
YA Book Nuts
YA Book Queen
YA Book Reads
YA Book Shelf
YA Crush
Y(A)? Cuz We Write!
YA Librarian Tales
YA Literature Lover
Y.A. Love
YA Muses
YA Reads
YA Revolt
YA Vampire Books
YA? Why Not?
YA Yeah Yeah
Yay! Reads
Yet Another Slipped Stitch
Young Adult Book Enthusiast, The
Young Adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog
Young Reader
Young Writers @ The Loft

Zealous Reader, The

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