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My Top Read Authors

I read a lot. I’ve always read a lot even before I was a blogger. Honestly I probably read more before I started blogging, because I didn’t spend so much time on the internet!

Something I don’t think much about as a reader is my “most read author.” Sure I have my favorites... but I never think about a specific number of books read when it comes to an individual author.

I promise this post has a point.

The other day I was on Goodreads. (See I told you... spending way to much time on the internet!) Do you have a Goodreads? If you are a book-lover and you don’t... that is definitely something you should look into! Anyway, I was on Goodreads and I spied a new link on my ‘bookshelves’ page, called “most read authors.”

So of course I had to click it. And it’s a page with... you guessed it... your most read authors! The thing that surprised me, were the authors that made my list. If you would have asked me who my most read authors were, I don’t think that this is the list I would have came up with.

Here are the authors on the top of my list:

Meg Cabot

I’ve apparently read 15 books by Meg. Although if you think about it... that is nothing compared to the number of books that this lady has written. She is a writing machine! I’ve recently bought books in her Mediator

series and 1-800 Where Are You

series, so this number will be growing. And what’s even more fabulous is that Meg is an Indiana author!! Well, she grew up in Indiana!

Karen Marie Moning

12 books for this one. What’s even more surprising is that my top authors aren’t strictly YA authors. Actually, Karen Marie Moning and my number three author, aren’t YA authors at all! Karen has two series, The Highlander

series and The Fever

series.. both are awesome and yes I’ve read them all!

J.R. Ward

9 books for J.R. Ward! Three words for you people... Black. Dagger. Brotherhood. LOVE. LOVE this series... and apparently I have read everyone of them (plus the Insiders Guide!). Ward has another series, which I have not started, but will have to someday. As I mentioned, this is another non-YA author. Anyone excited for Lover Unleashed

!?!?! I know I am!

Gena Showalter

8 books for Gena. Gena writes both paranormal romance, The Lords of the Underworld

, and a YA series, Intertwined

. Both are excellent! I actually won my Kindle from Gena’s fan-site for promoting Unraveled!

Rachel Caine & J.K. Rowling

I had a tie for fifth place. I’ve read 7 each of their novels. J.K. Rowling is obviously the author of Harry Potter

and there are seven books in that series! If Rowling ever comes out with another book, I’ll probably be reading it and upping her in the list!

Rachel Caine is the author of The Morganville Vampire

series. I believe there is going to be 12 books in the series, the tenth one should be coming out shortly, but I’ve read seven of them! They are fantastic books. I’m actually quoted in one of the books! Rachel also writes the Weather Warden

series, but I’ve not read those as of yet.

Sarah Dessen, Keri Arthur & Richelle Mead

Three way tie for this one. I’ve read 6 novels from each of these authors. Two out of the three are YA authors. Keri Arthur is very much NOT a YA author! I’ve read the first six books in her Riley Jensen

series... need to get on those last two!

Sarah Dessen is an author whose name is easily equated with the term young adult. I was late in the game reading Sarah’s novels. My first was Just Listen

and it continues to be my favorite.

Richelle Mead is the author of one my most favorite vampire series. VAMPIRE ACADEMY

!! Richelle is also the first author that I ever met in person, which makes her extra special in my book. If you haven’t read this series... get on it!

Nicholas Sparks, Melissa de la Cruz, Megan McCafferty, Melissa Marr, Elizabeth Scott & Scott Westerfeld.

Six way tie on this one... and I think this is where I’m going to stop. I’ve read 5 novels by each of these authors. I have to admit I’m a little surprised to see Nicholas Sparks up there... but now that I think about it, I did go through a phase where I read his books in high school, so that makes a little more sense now. (Although I can't say I have the same assessment of him now as an author, than I did when I was in high school.)

Melissa de la Cruz. Blue Bloods

novels, another vampire series! I haven’t been keeping up with this one, I need to get back at it. There is also a novella out about the characters in this series... and a new spin-off series in the works! Exciting stuff.

Megan McCafferty. Two words people... Marcus Flutie! The Jessica Darling series is fan-freaking-tastic. It’s not technically a YA book... but the story is told from the pov of Jessica, who I believe is sixteen when the series starts, follows her through high school and through college. And if you haven’t read them you should. If you have a Kindle, they have The Complete Jessica Darling Series

available right now for $9.99! That is a STEAL! Yes, I just pimped an ebook.

Melissa Marr. The Wicked Lovely

series. Dark, dangerous and sexy as hell faeries! The last book in this series is coming out this month, and if you have yet to start it... DO IT!! Not your average faerie tale...

Elizabeth Scott. LOVE. Elizabeth is one of my favorite authors. She writes mostly contemp fiction, stand alone titles. I need to read more of this ladies works! I love them! Living Dead Girl

still haunts me, and I read the book years ago. She also does a contemporary love story very well!

Scott Westerfeld. Scott, is the lone male YA author on the list. I’ve read two series by Scott... The Peeps

and the Uglies books... awesome! Uglies

series is wonderful and very thought-provoking.

And that is my list...

Like I said, had you asked me the question, this is not what I would have came up with!

So... what authors made your list?

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