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The Dark Days of Supernatural

On Friday March 18, The Dark Days of Supernatural came to Naperville, IL! And I was there!!

I had originally planned to take the train up to Chicago... and hopefully bum a ride to Naperville, or walk. I didn't really know, but I was going to get there. I didn't care how. Then the crazy Susan from Wastepaper Prose decided she was going to drive up from freaggin' Virginia to go. Crazy like I said. And she also agreed to pick me up, how could I pass up a ride? (Although I think I should have taken the train! Ha!)

So Susan stayed out my house thursday and we headed to Naperville on friday. We met a group of bloggers for dinner before the signing at Ted's Montana Grill, which was DELICIOUS! Wish I would have been able to talk to more of the bloggers... it was hard since we were in a long table. But alas, I did meet some very awesome people!

Anna at Anna Reads
Tara at Fiction Folio
Heidi at YA Bibliophile
Jacinda at Reading Housewives of Indiana
Jasmine at Reading Housewives of Indiana
Jenn Makeshift Bookmark
Lynn at Bringing the Epic
DJ at DJ's Life in Fiction (who I've meet before!)
Erica at Moonlight Book Reviews (who I've meet before!)
Stacey at Page Turners (who I've meet before!)

After dinner we headed over to Anderson's Bookshop! They introduced the authors: Claudia Gray (Evernight series

), Courtney Allison Moulton (Angelfire

), Ellen Schreiber (Once in a Full Moon

) & Kimberly Derting (The Body Finder

/Desires of the Dead

) and they talked a little bit about them and their books. Then there was a q&a. They were all very funny and articulate. I love they answers and how passionate they are about what they do. After the q&a the signing portion of the night started. I believe there were over 75 people there! I was number 22 in line! Lots of the bloggers at dinner were the first to have their books signed!

All the authors were fantastic, they signed, chatted and let us snap pictures! And then afterward they signed stock! I am in awe of their stamina... they were off to do it again the next night in Miami!

If you ever have the chance to attend an event at Anderson's you should! It's a great bookstore and Naperville is such a nice town to spend the day in. I hope to attend more author events there in the future!

Me and Jenn

Me & Lynn



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