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Even though I often get book months before they come out (advance reader copies) I usually don't end up reading a book until it's closer to the release date. Mostly because I have a reading schedule and am often reading the books I'll need reviews for in the next few weeks.

Sometimes I make exceptions. I wish I could more often.

Below I have five titles that you are going to want to add to your wish-lists. You should pre-order them... you should plan on reading them... because they are soooo good! I'll be posting by reviews a little bit closer to their release dates, but for now, enjoy the preview!

The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

will be released: September 27 from Tor Books

Not your typical Faerie story. You are going to love the characters and the setting. This is one of those reads that is a complete escape from everything around you. I even quoted this one: The Faerie Ring is an enchanting novel, woven with dramatic adventure, intriguing faerie lore and a charming love story! I couldn’t stop turning the pages even though I didn’t want the story to end!

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

will be released: September 29 from Dutton

If you've read Anna and the French Kiss I'm sure you are dying for this novel. And it is that good. I think it's even better than Anna. Now I read this title in public, at the airport actually, so you could imagine my dismay when the book made me cry... twice. And it wasn't so much that it was sad, but I made such a strong connection with these characters it was hard to not be emotionally involved. You are going to LOVE this one.

Mercy Lily by Lisa Albert

will be released: October 11 from Flux

Can a book be heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time? It must be possible because that's what I felt when reading Mercy Lily. If you want to read about a couragous teenager, one that makes difficult unselfhish decisions when those thoughts should be the furthest from her mind, this is a book for you. You won't soon forget Lily! I quoted this one too: A beautifully written and heart-wrenching story about friendship, love and finding the courage to let go.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

will be released: September 27 from Simon & Schuster

The cover was the straw that broke the camel's back. I had wanted to read this one, because it sounds wicked creepy... but when I saw the cover, I HAD to read it. And I probably wouldn't have read it so soon, had I not been interviewing Michelle in front of an audience at BEA, but I'm so glad that I read it when I did. Because... WOW. There is a reason this book was one chosen for the YA Buzz panel this year, and that's because it's magnificent. Noah... swoon.

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

will be released: November 21 from Razorbill

Honestly if a book has Jay Asher's name on it, I'm going to read it. (And it's about damn time there is another one with his name on it.) I hadn't read anything by Carolyn but I've always heard good things about her books... so I knew this was going to be good. And it was. I had a overdose of 90's nostalgia while reading this thing, it was comical in that regard. It's strange to think how far we've come in that short that time. I loved that I thought I had this story figured out, I just knew the way it was going to end, or so I thought. Does anyone know if that cover is final? It just seems sort of plain for such an epic book. This is NOT the final cover! And I can't fail to mention that movie rights to the book have already been sold... I told ya, EPIC.

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Early Buzz (1) + preview