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Five Random Things on a Friday

1. I haven't posted a review all week. What is up with that? You probably didn't even notice did you! I've been reading... just not much in the mood for writing reviews. But don't fret, I already have some scheduled for next so we'll be back in the swing of things! I did announce some freaggin' awesome giveaways this week, with that lack of reviews so be sure to check those out!

2. Two words: Harry Potter.

Is anyone else seriously saddened that the Harry Potter era has came to an end? I'll be seeing the movie in few hours and I can't believe that this... is... the... end. Harry Potter is the reason I started reading books again! I'll always remember you, the boy who lived.

3. I haven't been online this week as much as I usually am... therefore the inbox has suffered. I think I have unanswered emails from all the way back to *cough*thebeginningofjune*cough* If I owe you an email, I promise it's coming!

4. Five/Six months to go until the 2012 Debut Author Challenge!! Sign ups will be posted in November, if you want to participate you'll have from November to March to sign up! I've mentioned this before, but things are going to be a little bit different this year, so be ready for some changes... some fun changes!

For those of you that are anxious for those 2012 debuts... you can head over to the official 2012 Debut Author list on Goodreads! Check out the titles and vote for the ones you are most excited for. Remember that we just started the list, so not every debut is on there yet! Looks like Incarnate by Jodi Meadows is at the top of the list currently!

5. There are still some awesome auctions going on over at TLC Auctions! All of the proceeds go to my little cousin Kaylea, who was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year and Lauren's friend Daniel. Signed books, critiques, and all kinds of goodies!

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