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Pre-Order Populazzi and win AWESOME Prizes!

Cara has never been one of those girls: confident, self-possessed, and always ready with the perfect thing to say. A girl at the very top of the popularity tower. One of the Populazzi.

Now, junior year could change everything. Cara’s moving to a new school, and her best friend urges her to seize the moment—with the help of the Ladder. Its rungs are relationships, and if Cara transforms into the perfect girlfriend for guys ever-higher on the tower, she’ll reach the ultimate goal: Supreme Populazzi.

The Ladder seems like a lighthearted social experiment, a straight climb up, but it quickly becomes gnarled and twisted. And when everything goes wrong, only the most audacious act Cara can think of has a chance of setting things even a little bit right.

POPULAZZI officially debuts on August 1st, but is already available at

and To celebrate, author Elise Allen is offering an exclusive contest for The Story readers and fans! Starting today (Friday, July 22nd), through the official pub date of August 1st, order the book (quite the bargain at $9.99!) and email a copy of your receipt to Elise will award 5 lucky winners with one of the following Populazzi-related prizes: …

Elise says:

First Prize: My main character Cara loves to read, so this Amazon Kindle (6” with WiFi) will help you share her passion.

Second Prize: Cara goes through major transformations in Populazzi, and they require a lot of makeup. Whether you want to transform, or just enhance what you’ve got, a $50 gift certificate to Sephora will help you do it. To help even more, this prize includes a personal style consultation with Hollywood stylist and makeup artist Kresta Lins and Yolanda Price – check out their work at!

Third Prize: Publisher’s Weekly described Populazzi as a “Macbeth-meets-Mean Girls tale.” So what better prize than a copy of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and a DVD of the Tina Fey-penned movie Mean Girls?

Fourth Prize: At one point in the book, Cara finds herself with a lot of time on her hands, and not a lot she’s allowed to do with it… so she indulges in some at-home pampering. My favorite products for such a thing come from L’Occitane, and I’m giving away a gift box with an assortment of beautifying treats.

The Other Prize: For all you aspiring writers out there, I’m also offering a personal critique session. Since I’ve been writing TV and features for the last fifteen years, you have a choice: you can send either the first 30 pages of a manuscript, a full TV script (spec or original, hour or half hour, proper format); or a feature film spec (no more than 120 pages, proper script format). I’ll send my thoughts back via email, and we can have an e-chat about them afterwards. (I’m looking forward to this one – it’s always fun to read new talent!)

On August 2nd, 5 winners will be picked thru and announced here and on Elise’s website. Good luck!

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Pre-Order Populazzi and win AWESOME Prizes! + TIME