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Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

Finally Jena is the person she wants to be. No longer is she Jennifer Harris from her elementary school days. She isn’t fat anymore, she doesn’t live in a crummy apartment and she isn’t teased anymore.

The new girl, Jena, has it all. She is popular, has a boyfriend, a handful of friends, and lives in a nice house. As much as she would like, Jena can’t let go of her past. Her memories continue to haunt her, especially her memories of Cameron. Cameron Quick was Jennifer’s only friend in elementary school, they were misfits together, a perfect match. They only had each other and it was okay. Until the day that Cameron didn’t show up to school. Until the day that Jennifer finds out that Cameron died. Then Jennifer only had herself.

Flash forward eight years to Jennifer’s new life as Jena on the morning of her 17th birthday. Jena always thinks of Cameron the most on her birthdays, ever since it happened. After her birthday dinner with her parents Jena sees a note in her mail box and assumes it is a surprise from her boyfriend. The note however is from another boy from her life, Cameron.

I loved this book. The characters are multi-dimensional, as well as their relationships. Jena may seem like she has everything, but she is scarred in more ways then one. Her character is beyond believable. The story is complex and is about so much more than a bittersweet relationship of unfinished business. This is my first time reading a novel by Zarr, but I plan on reading her previous novel Story of a Girl.

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Sweethearts + young adult