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Ruler of the Realm

Ruler of the Realm by Herbie Brennan

Queen Holly Blue knows that the fate of the Faerie Realm is at stake, and it is up to her to declare war on the Faeries of the Night. Much to her sunrise she receives word of a non-aggression treaty proposed by their leader, her Uncle, but can she trust him.

Meanwhile Henry Atherton is still at home in the human world dealing with his mother’s new girlfriend and interrupts his father’s very young girlfriend when emerging from the shower. He is obviously under a lot of stress and assumes that he imagined a stress related fantasy of a realm of faerie. After a three day disappearance, which leaves is memory blank except for a flying saucer and little green men, Henry is suddenly transported back into the Fearie Realm. And he is reminded it isn’t a fantasy at all.

On her visit to verify the intentions of the Faerie of the Night, Blue is kidnapped by Henry. It seems that the little green men weren’t a figment of his imagination but a guise for the Demons of the Faerie Realm so that they could use Henry to get the Blue. It seems that they are plotting their own takeover!

Ruler of the Realm is the third book in The Faerie Wars Chronicles. The first book is Faerie Wars and the second is The Purple Emperor. Both are fantastic books! I don’t think my lousy summary does this book any justice, I mean little green men? But there is much more too it than that, and it totally plays nicely into the story! So, don’t let that stop you. This book and series is
a combination of magic, futuristic technologies everyday realism, plus adventure and excitement! The plot is completely enthralling and unpredictable, right down to the climax! This is an awesome fantasy series! I can't wait to read the next book, Faerie Lord!

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Ruler of the Realm + young adult