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The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: Eighth Grade Bites & The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: Ninth Grade Slays

The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer

As if eighth grade isn’t hard enough when your human, try being a vampire. As is the life story of Vladimir Todd. Vladimir Todd half human half vampire, orphaned nearly three years ago, only two humans now his is secret; his best friend Henry and his guardian, Nelly.

Vlad is disturbed by the disappearance of his teacher Mr. Craig, and something is defiantly a little strange about the new substitute teacher Mr. Otis. Vlad discovers more about he mysterious death of his parents, through his father’s journal. Vlad assumed he was the only vampire alive, but there happens to be a whole society of them. A society that his father betrayed when he married his mother. Moving to the small town of Bathory was supposed to protect Vlad and his family, but it seems that their vengeance for his father has turned into a hunt for Vlad, himself.

This was an awesome book! The plot was completely unique and the characters were likeable. Usually I read YA books that are geared toward a more mature audience, Eighth Grade Bites, obviously appealing to middle schoolers, hence the title. I was a little apprehensive about my level of enjoyment, but I was completely enthralled in the story and not once did the characters age deter me away from my continues page turning!! I mean being a vampire and all, Vlad is very mature for his age! I can’t wait to read Ninth Grade Slays, oh lucky me I have a copy right here!

The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer

If Vlad thought eighth grade sucks, he’s in for a real treat as a freshman. Vlad is still hiding his vampire side from everyone except Henry and Nelly, he is still picked on by the bullies and he is still stuck on Meredith.

Although there is a little silver lining, Vladimir finally has an opportunity and the guidance to learn more about his vampire nature. Otis and Vlad take a trip to Siberia, where Vlad is able increases his knowledge of his abilities, taught by a very old vampire, Vikas. It’s a shame he can’t use his abilities to improve his grades! He also learns to myth of the Pravus, could Vladimir possibly be the vampire from the prophecy?

But Vlad has much more to worry about than a his prophetic existence, he is being hunted. It seems like a vampire slayer is in town, but he’s not the only one out for Vlad’s blood! Vlad might have thought that eight grade bites, but ninth grade slays!

Okay, wow! I must say this book was even better than the first! The plot is more intense and I didn’t see the big twist coming, until it was right before my eyes! I also loved the Pravus myth, could our beloved Vlad be the one! If you are a fan of the first book you will not be disappointed with the second installment to the series. Brewer continues to impress me. I’m looking forward to her next book! I’m officially a minion of Auntie Heathers’!!

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The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: Eighth Grade Bites & The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: Ninth Grade Slays + young adult