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Author Tales: Gaby Triana

Gaby Triana is the author of Backstage Pass, Cubanita, and the newly released The Temptess Four! Not only is she an awesome writer, but she bakes cool cakes too! Thanks goes to Gaby for stopping by!

Hi everyone! THE TEMPTRESS FOUR came out this week, and I just wanted to say one thing…my uterus hurts.

Waiting for this book to be released has been like making it through a 3-year pregnancy. Three…long…years. Which, for a YA author whose fans keep emailing to ask when the next book is coming out, is pure torture. When I wrote BACKSTAGE PASS and CUBANITA a few years ago, I thought T4 would come out the following year, but then a lot of red tape stuff happened and well, let’s just say I made it through the smelly brown lake. But not without some new battle scars and a pit bull attitude.

Because I’m back, pumpkin-doodles!

And I’ve brought Fiona, Killian, Yoli, and Alma with me—the girls of The Temptress, the newest cruise ship from Caribbean Cruise Lines. BFFs for 8 years now, the girls make it through high school graduation, ready to celebrate and start making some unforgettable memories before it’s time to go their separate ways and head off to different colleges. However, every silver lining has a dark cloud hanging over it [insert sound of thunder here]. The night before they sail, the four friends visit their school’s senior fair, where they find their way into a fortune-teller’s tent. Not only does the creepy Tarot reader somehow know that they’re about to go on a voyage at sea, but also that their bond will be broken, and as she flips the DEATH card, announces that one of them…[cue Psycho music here]…won’t be coming home.

But which one? Ay, Dios! What is a partier to do?

THE TEMPTRESS FOUR is Fiona DeArmas’ story about friendship, self-fulfilling prophecy, the need for independence, and the fear of letting go. Killian, Yoli, and Alma are her supporting cast, even as they wait to find out which of their fates hangs in the balance. So make yourself a virgin piƱa colada, relax on a lounge chair under the sun, and enjoy my latest YA. And don’t forget to let me know what you thought. Or else my long wait will have been in vain.


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