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Reckoning by Kate Cary

Release Date: February 2007
Publisher: Penguin Group, RAZORBILL
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 311

Even though its been two years since Mary fled Castle Dracula for her life, she is still haunted by the images she saw and the monster that was once her fiancĂ©. She hides away at home, using her father’s frail condition as a reason to stay at home and refrain from socializing. Her father suspects her fear and encourages Mary to move on and not dwell on the evil that exists in the world.

At a party held by the adoptive parents of the baby she saved at Castle Dracula she meets Lord Bathory, a man with a quite demeanor. Mary finds herself immensely enjoying his company and frequents dinners with him. But she never forgets the evil that may be lurking.

When he father’s condition worsens and he becomes pale and listless, she suspects a vampire is to blame. The appearance of Quincy Harker only confirms her fears. Quincy confesses to Mary that he is trying to change his evil ways. But is he telling the truth or is he toying with her like a cat would a mouse?

Reckoning was a overall an entertaining sequel to Bloodline, although I have to admit that I liked Bloodline better! Mary was one of my favorite characters from the first book, so I was happy to see that the second story consisted mostly of her story. I also liked the look into Quincy’s history, he is obviously a very complex character and I enjoyed the small insight! The plot was steady, but there wasn’t anything that really grabbed my like in the first book. At first I didn’t understand Quincy’s motives, but by the end of the book, it made more sense to me. However, I never saw the twist at the end of the story! The ending made the story worth the read! Another complaint, I would have liked having seen how John was handling his new vampiric ways... perhaps in the next one! If you are a vampire fan, I think you would enjoy Reckoning, but read Bloodline first.

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Reckoning + young adult