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Do you Shelfari?

Do you Shelfari? I love Shelfari! I never really got into GoodReads or Library Thing. Maybe it’s because I discovered Shelfari first. If you tried it before and didn’t like it, you should try it again, because they just redesigned the whole site. I really liked it before, but I think i might like it even more now!

I have over 700 books on my shelf! Which is a combination of books I "want to read", "am reading" or "have read"! I am also the administrator of a couple of groups on Shelfari. The Stephenie Meyer Group (membership has exploded lately) and YA Vampire Books.

It is definitely something worth checking out if you like to keep track of the books you’ve read and the ones that you want to. They also have author pages where you can learn about your favorite authors as well. Stop by, sign up and send me a friend request!

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Do you Shelfari? + TIME