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Contest Reminders

I just wanted to remind everyone that the deadline for the 20,000 hits contest is next Thursday July 31st!! So, hurry up and get your entries in!! This is the only international contest that I have going on right now and it may be the last for some time!!

For more information on the 20,000 hits contest you can head here. I've been loving the feedback and I've been working on your suggestions, you may have noticed the changes I've done so far, but you can expect more once the contest is over. On another note since this contest has been posted I've had over another 10,000 hits, so now I'm over 30,000 hits. How freakin awesome is that! Maybe I'll have a 50,000 hits contest... hmmm...

The Twilight Series contest deadline is August 2nd, which is just around the corner! There are some awesome prizes up for grabs so head over and sign up for that here!!

And yet another contest reminder. The deadline for the Monthly Contest is July 31st as well. That is also the same day that Melissa Walker will be stopping by, so if you want to get in your last entry you will have to stop by on the 31st. Any comments left after that date will not count toward the July Monthly Contest. Sign up here, here, here and here for the Monthly Contest!

I'm also participating in a contest with other bloggers celebrating the release of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert. You have a chance to win $130 in gift cards! You can head here for more information on that. The deadline is Wednesday July 30th!

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Contest Reminders + TIME