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In My Mailbox explores the contents of my mailbox on a weekly basis. Of course I only mention the really cool things, like books! If you would like to participate and have your own “In My Mailbox” post, you can find more information here.

I was rather lucky through the course of this week and was able to snag quite a few books! As to not make this post a mile long with posting all the summaries, I'm going to be doing things a little differently. It's still going to be long... but not as long as it would have been otherwise! But I'm thinking of possibly changing it up. You'll have to let me know what you think...

I bought a copy of Wicked Lovely this week from Amazon, mostly because I've had a copy of Ink Exchange, I originally read my sister's copy of WL and I really hate not owning the entire collection, so I bought it. To my surprise it was SIGNED! How cool is that! I didn't even realize Amazon did that!

I am also borrowing a copy of Meridian by Amber Kizer (8-11-09) from Yan. Thanks Yan. I have to say I am a little bit disappointed with the cover, but it is just the ARC. This one is about a girl named Meridian, who comes to find out, is a Fenestra. What's a Fenestra, you ask? Well it's a half-angel, half-human link between the living and the dead... hmmmm interesting. Me thinks so.

Speaking of the living and the dead. I got a copy of Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters (5-12-09) for review. I am a big fan of Daniel's first novel Generation Dead, so I'm really looking forward to reading this one! It's about zombies, just in case you didn't know. I'm hoping this one picks up where GD left off and it sounds like it does. Wicked cover too!

The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer (7-9-09) was also in my mailbox for review. Followed by Eight Grade Bites and Ninth Grade Slays, I'm especially excited to see what happens to my favorite orphan vampire Vlad. Will this be the year that Vlad finally snags Meredith! I must know! I just love that little fangy smiley face!

In keeping with the supernatural theme... Raven by Allison Van Diepen (2-10-09). I'm not sure exactly what this one is about. I don't think I've seen any reviews for it, except maybe one... (yes I'm talking about you, would you stop posting so many freaggin reviews already. You are making me look bad.) All I know is that it's a supernatural romance of some sorts, and I'm so glad I got a copy! Can't wait to read this one!

Strange Angles by Lili St. Crow (5-14-09). Another book I haven't heard much about. It's a new paranormal series so of course I'm in! From the back of the cover is seems Dru is a hunter of sorts... and she might be finding love in the wrong places. Yep sounds just like something I would like. Plus I've been pinning over this one, since I saw the cover. Dru looks hot, or bad-ass... maybe both.

I'm also super psyched that I got Ghost Huntres: The Awakening by Marley Gibson (5-4-09). Even though I'm a bit of a scardy cat and this one is supposed to be about ghosts, I'm still excited to read it. Plus, Diana Peterfreund and Simone Elkeles liked it and they are super cool, so I'm hoping I will to. And did you know that Marley herself is like an amateur ghost hunter!

Continuing the ghost theme. I'm currently reading Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell (2-10-09). I'm on chapter eight! I really want to know what is going to happen! Another did you know... Saundra is from Indiana., just like yours truly!

Fade by Lisa McMann (2-10-09). I did a little happy dance when I got this one in the mail. Yes a happy dance. Which usually consists of me squealing and jumping up and down while doing some sort of fanning motion with my hands. I so already read this one too, I had to... it was always there looking at me! And I had to know what happened after Wake. Expect my review on Tuesday. Oh Lisa you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind... hey LISA!

Another happy dance moment, was brought to you by: Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard (6-11-09). Modern day girl slips and hits her head wakes up in the year 1815. If only! Cannot wait to read this one! Did you know.. Mandy is a farm girl, like yours truly! She was once the Dairy Queen, and I was the Rabbit Queen. True story.

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti (5-28-09). Very excited to read this one too. I have yet to be exposed to the writings of Colasanti. First time for everything. This is described as a moving tale of friendship, frustration and falling in love. Awww.. I love, love!

You know who I really love! Sarah Dessen. Mmmhuh. Favorite all time Sarah Dessen novel, Just Listen. Which also happens to be my first... there is always something special about that first time. First time reading an author! Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen (6-16-09). I'm sure it will live up to the greatness of the novels before it.

Peace, Love and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle (5-14-09). Oh! I love baby ducks. I once had a pet duck and I wrote a book about him. Anyway, this one is about sisterhood and it sounds very good! The only novel by Lauren I've read was Thirteen, so I'm really looking forward to reading an authentic YA novel by her.

Ducks can fly. And apparently so can girls! Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith (1-22-09). I've heard great things about this novel, so I'm looking forward to reading it! This one is about the World War and the WASPs-Women Air force Service Pilots! Mmmm smells like girl power!

You can't fly without wings! Okay I'll stop with the corny intros. Next up: The Anatomy of Wings by Karen Foxlee (2-10-09). This one was first published in Australia, where the author currently resides. (Another really cool Aussie, that I kinda sorta know.. well through the internet, is Adele! I wonder if she minds be called an Aussie..? I'll have to ask her.) This one sounds good too, a girl loosing her older sister and overcoming that. (sort of like The September Sisters by Jillian Cantor review coming up) Very beautiful cover!

Unclaimed Heart by Kim Wilkins (7-9-09). Haven't really heard to much about this one either. Four words... forbidden passion, daughter's betrayal. Oh, sign me up!

Tales of the Madman Underground by John Barnes (6-25-09). You miss my corny intros, don't you? Yet another novel that had been flying under my radar. The synopsis for this one, had me lmao... that is always a plus. A gritty, uncensored rollercoaster ride, I'm intrigued.

Chasing the Bear: A Young Spenser Novel by Robert B. Parker (5-14-09). If I'm understanding this one correctly Parker has an adult mystery series featuring this character, and this is supposed to show where he came from, sorta like a prequel. Could be interesting.

I did get a few repeats this week. Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev, Beautiful Americans by Lucy Silag and You are So Undead to Me by Stacy Jay.

Okay so that's it for me. Now you know what I got in mine, what did you get in yours? You can sign the Mr. Linky below, if you would, please link your actual post, so that it is easier to find! Thanks!

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