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113 Things to do by 13 by Brittany & Terri MacLeod


13 Things to do by 13 by Brittany & Terri MacLeod

Release Date: May 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
Age Group: Middle Grade/Young Adult
Pages: 128
From: author
Interest: premise

Talk about drama! Your crush likes your BFF?you've got homework up to your eyeballs?the school mean girl is on the attack?a hot party is on the agenda and you've got nothing to wear. No worries: 113 Things To Do by 13 has all the deets on stuff you need to know now.

• Secrets to a sa-weet party look from Sephora's beauty pro.

• The best (worst!) OMG moments from girls just like us.

• The crush zone?four ways to tell if your crush is into you.

• A guide to which star is your fashion mate. Is it Vanessa Hudgens? Or Amanda Bynes?

• Tips to hosting the most rockin' sleepover ever.

• Stargaze with your astro-rific BFF and zodiac-celeb crushers.

• 4-1-1 on gossip, body stuff, cyber-bullying, money-making ideas and more.

This is such a fun and cute book! There are things in here that I want to do, and I’m way beyond 13. There are so many things that this book suggests. Totally sporadic off the wall things, and yet there are also why didn’t I think of that things. It’s just FUN. I especially like number 96. (Floss your teeth! I mean I hope you’ve been doing that before you turn 13 for a while!)

I can’t wait to give this book to a young girl I know, because I know she is going to love it! The picutres are pages are vibrant and attractive. There are tips from other teens, celebrities and websites. Lots of great places to get information.

111. Smile big and wide!

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113 Things to do by 13 by Brittany & Terri MacLeod + Terri MacLeod