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Simply Irresistible by Jennifer Banash

Simply Irresistible by Jennifer Banash

Release Date: July 7, 2009
Publisher: Berkley Jam
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 256
From: Publisher
Interest: series & author

Small-town girl turned Big Apple beauty, Casey McCloy is really beginning to enjoy the high life in her high-rise. She's climbing the social ladder, to the dismay of her neighbor and rival, Madison Macallister. And Casey could end up as popular as Madison now that the two are set to star in their own reality show, "De-Luxe." But reality TV can be so unreal…

Madison loves the attention, but having every bit of her life caught on tape is often less than glamorous. Yet fame comes at a price-and she's willing to pay. Meanwhile, now that Casey and her almost-boyfriend Drew Van Allen are currently more off than on, she's beginning to wonder if everything in her life is just an illusion-and how much longer the illusion can last.
The Elite series is an excellent series, and I really hate to see it end. The Elite was my favorite of the series, because it indulged so much into the characters, and the seemingly perfect lives that couldn't be farther from being perfect. Simply Irresistible, is focused on the De-Luxe, a reality show that Casey and Madison are starring in. That aspect was really great, I actually would have liked to have seen more about it.

I was glad to see that Casey regained some of her original self in this novel. Taking a chance and being herself and actually having it work out for her. Madison might be the biggest bitch ever, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. However, the other characters, needed serious attitude adjustment... I mean Drew, what was that. I wanted to slap the kid silly. Honestly that's why my rating is a three. Sophie and Phoebe were two characters that really made this series stand out for me, and I just thought they were lacking this time around.

The writing was great, as it has been the whole series. I love the alternating perspectives. It's so nice to see into everyone's minds. Had I not known the inner turmoils in the mind of Madison, there is no way I'd have any sympathy for here, and that really makes this book, as well as the series for me.

I'm hoping that JB is just pulling our legs about this being the end of the series. I don't want it to end, there is so much that hasn't been said and done. I need closure!

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Simply Irresistible by Jennifer Banash + young adult