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Fresh Face Friday (11)

Fresh Face Friday is a look at some new bloggers around the blogosphere. I have some Fabulous Fresh Faces to share with you this week! Here are my fresh face finds for this friday:

Rachel of Book Love: Teen.

What Rachel says about herself and her blog:

"I'm a teen/children's bookseller at Barnes and Noble and I love helping kids of all ages find the perfect book to read. It's fabulous to see them come back for more. I started my blog so I could share my love of YA books with even more people! BookLove:Teen will feature recommendations reviews and let everyone know what's new on the teen shelves. Come stop by, I always have a great recommendation or a crazy story about one of my many rescue animals up my sleeve."

Dahlia of The Book Shopaholic.

What Dahlia says about herself and her blog:

"I'm a teen blogger. I've turned to books for inspiration. I love shopping for books hence my blog name. And, I'm in love with paranormals, fantasy, chick-lit, historical fiction, and romance."

Maria of The Serpentine Library.

What Maria says about herself and her blog:

"I'm a youth services librarian and graduate student (finishing my master's in Library Science). My blog, The Serpentine Library, has been up and running for a month. I hope to blog mostly about YA. My colleague and I also produce a podcast where we interview YA authors, so my blog will feature those as well. I enjoy reading all types of genres, but my favorite is fantasy. I started blogging as a way of sharing and talking about books."

Corrine of Lost for Words.

What Corrine says about herself and her blog:

"Hello! I'm Corrine, and I'm fairly new at book blogging. I have been kicking the idea around in my head for a while, but I just recently started reviewing books. I'm hoping to review Adult Fiction as well, but right now, everything that I've blogged about is YA. I'm 26, I am an absolute book addict. I have 4 book cases FULL of books, and I've started double stacking. I've read maybe a third of the books on my shelf. I've got several totes of books in storage as well. I collect books from when I was a child, as I'm hoping that when/if I am blessed with children, I can pass on my favourites. Back to my blog... I really enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, mystery, thrillers, young adult. I'll read anything at least once."

Sara of Dragonfly Reviews.

What Sara has to say about herself and her blog:

"I'm a 14 - nearly 15 ;) - year old girl from Scotland who loves reading, shopping and sugary food (who doesn't?) and started my new site Dragonfly Reviews about 1 month ago after I took a long break from blogging. I generally review YA fiction published in the UK and have typical weekly features like In My Mailbox, Waiting on Wednesday and Cover Love."

What a fantastic group of new bloggers this week! Hope you will stop by their blogs!!

That's it for this Friday's Fresh Faces. There are more great blogs to come. If you'd like to be spotlighted on Fresh Face Friday just follow the link.

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Fresh Face Friday (11) + TIME