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Author Interview: Jennifer Jabaley

Jennifer Jabaley


  • Lipstick Apology
  • Crush Control
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Willow has spent most of her life as her mother's sidekick in a popular Las Vegas hypnotism show. So when she and her mom move back to their sleepy southern hometown to start over, she thinks she's in for a life of quiet normalcy. Except that her new life turns out to be anything but, when she kinda sorta hypnotizes Quinton, the hottest guy on the football team, to fall madly, deeply, head over heels in love with her. But what started out as an innocent way to make her best friend, Max, jealous soon gets way out of hand, and Willow begins to wonder if the mind - and more importantly, the heart - is something you can really control.

Describe Crush Control in just three words.

Hypnosis gone crazy

What kind of research did you have to do for the aspect of hypnosis?

Actually, I did quite a bit of research. There are two different types of hypnosis used in the book - one that is stage hypnosis used for entertainment and laughs and the second that is hypno-therapy that is used to help change a habit. I read a lot of articles and websites about hypnotherapy and found it to be very interesting. For the stage hypnosis, well, I booked a trip to Vegas :) My husband and another couple went to see a performance. We were lucky enough to be escorted to the very front where I took avid notes on everything the hypnotist said and all the hilarity that ensued. Much of what I witnessed had to be toned down for a teen book, but seeing the actual performance was invaluable. And, actually, it helped really solidify in my mind that hypnosis works.

Was hypnosis something you'd had an earlier interest in?

Honestly, no. I had no previous experience with it.

What were you like as a teen?

Ok, this is a really tough question so I put in a call to my bff (who's been my bff since the age of 6) and this is her quote directly from my voicemail: "Let's in high school. Well, I remember lots of big hair and a strange habit of yours where you matched your eyeshadow color to your outfit. You loved clothes and guys and shopping and had a bad taste in music - all those girl singers!! I remember you smiling and laughing all the time. You were giddy, happy, very optimistic and positive...I guess you haven't evolved much. (hysterical laughter ensued.)"

Did it have any influence over how you wrote the characters in Crush Control?

You know, I guess my personality does influence my writing. I am a glass half full kind of girl. I like happy stories and even in this time when dark and edgy are flooding the YA shelves, I'm just drawn to funny romantic comedies.

If you could be hypnotized like the characters in Crush Control, what would you want the hypnosis to fix?

I'm very prone to insomnia. I'll fall asleep from sheer exhaustion from the day, but in the middle of the night I often wake and have a really tough time falling back to sleep. I would love to fix that.

What's in your summer reading pile?

YAs: Whatever Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen; So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti; Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell; We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han; My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody
Adult Fiction: The Adults by Allison Espach; Here Home Hope by Kaira Rouda; Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

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