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Magic Study

Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder

Magic Study is the second installment of Maria V. Snyder Poison Study series. I must say that I loved this book even more than the first!

Yelena is finally reintroduced to her family. Her mother and father are delighted at her return but her brother doesn’t seem as thrilled. In fact he doesn’t seem to like her at all. She isn’t left much time to spend with her family as she must go into her magic training with Irys.

Her brother has other plans for her. He is sure that she is a spy sent by her former home Ixia. So sure that he leads her into an ambush by Cahil, who believes he is the true King of Ixia. But knowing Yelena she doesn’t have any problems getting herself into trouble or out of it.

When she finally makes it to the Citadel to begin her magic training she is faced with instructors who don’t seem to trust her of her new found abilities. On top of that a rogue magician is taking the lives of numerous young girls. Yelena of course joins in the hunt for the killer, but is pleasantly surprised when a diplomatic mission from Ixia arrives, with Valek in disguise.

Yelena continues to impress me as does the writing of Snyder. I couldn’t put this book down! I love these characters! I can’t wait for Fire Study! Fire Study will be available March 1st. I of course have already pre-ordered my copy, I suggest you do the same!!

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Magic Study + young adult