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Big Boned

Big Boned by Meg Cabot

I was so excited to finally read this book! I’m a huge fan of the Heather Wells mysteries, and I couldn’t wait to see what one of my favorite heroines had in store for me this time. I must say that it was better than I expected

So, the last we’d heard from Heather, she had just met her remedial math teacher who turned out to be a hottie. Now, in Big Boned, remedial math teacher Tad is now Heather’s boyfriend! Which is totally forbidden, since it’s against the rules for teachers to date students. Anyway, they’ve been dating for three months now. Tad is a vegetarian, loves to run and doesn’t own a television. Why is Heather dating him again, oh right, he’s hot.

One morning after Heather goes for a run for Tad, well sorta run, she finds her boss dead in his office. Death dorm scores again, I mean death residence hall. Poor Owen he was shot right through the head, but nobody seems to sad about it since the guy was apparently a jerk.
But once again Heather Wells is on the case, even though she is not supposed to be. All of my favorite characters; Magda, Gavin, Sarah, and of course Heather’s and my personal favorite Cooper, make an appearance.

Gavin still has a crush on Heather, but he had found a new girl to like named Jamie. Jamie seems to think that she is the reason for Owen's death, since she has an appt. with him that morning to turn in the new Reverend Mark. Who apparently likes to get a little touchy feely with the choir girls, if you know what I mean. Even Sarah has been bitten by the love bug. Who would have saw that coming, not me!. She has fallen for the murse wearing Sebastian who happens to have a gun in his murse that was used to shoot Owen. But of course Sarah knows he is innocent, so it is up to Heather to find the real killer.

On top of all her work related problems, Heather's dad wants to turn her into a female version of the Wiggles. As in singing songs to little kids about going to the potty! Needless to say Heather isn't exactly thrilled. Plus, Tad tells her that he has a very important question to ask her, when the timing is right. Could there be wedding bells in the future? To bad Heather is in love with another man. A.K.A. Cooper!

Big Boned has moved into my number one Heather Wells book spot, and I’m am really hoping there is going to be another. There has to be! My only complaint is that I wish it would have been longer!

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