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Monthly Contest!

I’ve decided to hold a monthly contest, that will work with my Author Tales feature. This is how it’s going to go down.

Once a week I’ve been having an author do a guest blog and/or interview. I hope that you have been enjoying them, I know I have! So, I’ve decided that I need a contest to celebrate these cool authors that have been stopping by. The contest is going to be a "your choice contest." You get to pick the book you want from the four/five authors that have stopped by.

For example: The month of May has five Thursdays, yay for you!

May 1st was Gaby Triana, so you could pick her new book The Temptress Four, or any of her other titles.
May 8th was Catherine Ryan Hyde, you could pick her new YA release, The Day I Killed James or any of her other titles
May 15th was Heather Brewer, you could pick either Eighth Grade Bites or Ninth Grade Slays!
May 22nd will be Claudia Gray, you could pick her new book Evernight!
And finally May 29 will be Keri Mikulski, you could pick her book Screwball!

So, basically you could pick one of these titles if you are the winner! The only exception will be if the author donates a book and has a contest, that winner will be excluded from winning the monthly Author Tales Contest, since they will already be winning a book.

I know what you are thinking, but how do I win this fabulous prize?? Well it is very simple just leave a comment on the guest blog posts. Yes, you can comment every week and get a total of four or five entries! Please leave a name so you can be identified! And if you commented on the Gaby Triana or CRH posts this month you will be getting not only that entry but an extra one as a thank you for supporting Author Tales!

Those commenters are:
Reviewer X
Reader Rabbit

The deadline for this contest will be the Saturday after the last guest post at 12 midnight eastern time. So this months deadline will be May 31st. The winner will be announced the following day! You still have three more chances to enter this month with Heather Brewer, Claudia Gray and Keri Mikulski!!! One more note, if you go back and comment on the Gaby Triana and CRH guest blogs, that's great, but they won't count as entries! Sorry!

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Monthly Contest! + TIME